The skiing school in Labytnangi.

The junior sports school in this northern town is a unique phenomenon. It was created 15 years ago on the basis of local skiing section. At present over 600 boys and girls are attending this school. Not only skiing, but also hockey, tennis, volleyball and basketball are developed here. The grown-ups attend the section of aerobics.

The coaches Tatyana and Khamit Akhatovs started from nothing. Now they are the Honoured Coaches of Russian Federation. Some of their pupils became the Masters of Sports. Luisa Noskova was the Champion of the 12th Olympic Games in biathlon and many-times Russian champion; Albina Akhatova won the Winter Arctic Games in Canada, now she is the member of National Biathlon Team and the Silver Medallist of Olympic games in Japan in 1998.

The school of Akhatovs is open to all. The coaches didn't grow proud and spoilt by their success; they go on working to full effect. They are equally delighted at their pupils becoming Masters and at those who have not succeed in competitions but just grew stronger and became attached to sports.