The Northern all-round championship.

The Yamal land greets the new comers with a rainbow of colours. The sun appeares from the clouds and seems to be very close to you - just touch it with your hand. The northern sun has its peculiarities. In spring it's hard to do without dark glasses. The visitors may find it uncomfortable but the local inhabitants rejoice at the coming of spring - the time for hunting, fishing and reindeer grazing is approaching.

Aborigines are fond of the bright colours and transfer the palette of nature to their national clothes. Every native woman is a great expert at needlework. Their embroideries are supposed to bring luck to the men in hunting and fishing.

Dressed in these picturesque clothes, the aborigines came to take part in the parade at the opening of the Tiumen Region championship on the national sports. Yes, the native people are developing their own sports - a kind of limbering-up before the working season.

What are the main "instruments of production" of the natives? Tynzian (lasso), khorei (pole for guiding the deer team), sledges and hatchet. So the chairman of Tiumen Regional Sports Committee Valentin Zuev once - in the end of the 1980s - decided to use these instruments for sport competitions.

Now the Northern all-round championship contains the following disciplines: throwing the hatchet into the distance, national triple jump, throwing lasso on the pole, jumping over the sledges, three-kilometre race carrying a stick. The results are impressing. German Sandrin throws hatchet at 200 metres. Juri Taligin caught the pole with lasso 68 times in succession. Alexander Tasmanov was even entered the Guinness Book of Records - he managed to jump over 820 sledges in a row.

The Northern all-round competition has the specific details of its own. The hatchet should have the weight not less than 350 grams and its length - not less than 50 sm., the handle should be made only of larch, pine or cedar wood. Sometimes the marking of hatches takes more time than the competition itself.

The last championship was held in Beloyarsk. The Purovsky district team won the first place, while the Salekhard team, the former twice champion, this time was only the third.

So the Northern all-round competitions have good future.