The Ethnic Territory.

The Ethnic Territory is a new type of administrative formation in Russia. This unique experiment was carried out owing to the support of the Governor of Autonomous District Ju. Neyolov.

Synsko-Voikorskaya Ethnic Territory was organized on the territory of Shuryshkarsky district of YaNAD only few years ago, so it is too early for making conclusions on the positive changes in the environment protection activities in this zone. One thing is quite clear: the protection of this unique region, adjoining the Urals mountains and rich in various minerals, is an urgent necessity.

The reserves and national parks at present are not able to carry out all their functions. That's why the experimental ethnic territory was created. The organization of this zone was a great step forward for 3-4 years. Something new was to be done.

The word "ethnos" means "people" in Greek. The other word "ecology" in the same language means "dwelling". Starting from these notions we may present the Northern Nature as a great nomadic tent with lands, rivers, animals, plants and people inside it. The first thing we are to do is to define their interrelations, basing on the principle "A Man is a unit of the Nature".

Ekaterinburg Ecological Institute, which has been studying our region for more than 30 years, corroborated its unique character. The spawning rivers of Shuryshkarsky district reproduce from 50% up to 80% of different species of white fish. It was even named "the maternity house of the white fish". Only the rational use of the natural resources of this land, based on the scientific research data, may bring positive results. The success may be achieved by means of complex solution of social and economic problems in combination with rigid ecological regime.