In their migrations nomads use sledges of various types drawn by reindeers. It is hard to imagine such a mobile mode of life, when people roam from place to place with all their property, including dwellings, regardless of the season and weather. The sledges may be men's or women's, passenger of fright. The principal parts of a sledge are runners, struts and seat. Nenets people say that when the sledge is not broken and the reindeer are able to run, the man has nothing to be afraid of in tundra.

The home of nomads is raw-hide tent and at the same time - all the land, about which they are wandering. Usually the nomad camps stay at one and the same place for a half-month in winter, for a week in summer or for two-three days in spring and autumn. It takes an hour in winter or half an hour in summer for the women to assemble or to dismantle the tent. In the tales and legends woman often dismantles a tent with such a speed as if she just has a walk round it. The whole construction is very simple - cone of poles, covered with raw deer-hides in winter or birch-bark (now usually tarpaulin) in summer - but the nomadic life is impossible without this tent.

The Nenets nomads carry with them all their property. When the camp is left, one could find on its place only the chunks of turf or lumps of snow. The rubbish is always hidden or burnt. According to the old beliefs, after the people's departure from the camp the Evil Spirit Myadina appears in this place looking for things left. Using these things (especially the nails and hairs of people) Myadina may put the evil eye on their owners.