The children's games reflect the various moments of grown-ups' life. Thus boys play rein breeders and hunters, and their usual toys are bows, arrows and lasso. Puzzle-games are intended to develop quick wits.

Toy reindeer are the most common. The Nenets dolls - "ngukhuko" - are maid of fur and birds' beaks. Every doll has the meaning of its own. They are treated with superstition, as the dolls' game is a kind of ritual. It is prohibited to play the games in this or that way touching the sacral aspects of Nenets life.

Among the Museum exhibits there is a Nenets doll "akan'". These dolls were made of cloth and furs. Children never parted with their dolls, which were treated like the real members of the family. When going together with parents to see their neighbours, the girl always took her "akan'". The dolls, just like people, brought the presents of their own and gave them to the other "akan'".