The birth of a child was always a great event in the life of Nenets family. All the necessary preparations are made beforehand. The newly born child is washed in warm water, in which the birch fungus or the juniper branches were boiled, and then is put to the cradle. This cradle is the first thing baby receives from his parents in tundra. Baby's cradle is its little Universe, where its own Guardian Spirits live. "Sei pae" - "the stone heart", children's protector - is put into cradle together with the matches - the symbol of fire, protecting from the Evil Spirit. The bear's fang and claw are hanged over the baby's head.

The cradle is a perfect thing for the nomadic life. The baby is fastened to the cradle and the latter - to the sledge. The wooden dust or dried moss is spread over the cradle bottom. No matter how many children are in the family, the cradle is always one. It is made to the birthday of the first child.

When the baby's navel comes off, the child is said to have got his place in life. This day is considered to be the real birthday of a child. The deer is sacrificed to commemorate this event.