The utmost northern health resort of Russia.

In 1979 the rehabilitation department was opened in the hospital of Kharp settlement (near Labytnangi). Now this department may take for indoor treatment 70 patients with osseous-muscular and pulmonary diseases.

Among the services rendered in this hospital are physiotherapy, hydropathic procedures, therapeutic mud baths, massage, manual and laser therapy. There are also a swimming pool, a bath-house and a training room. The physicians - O. Chernysheva and M. Kuzovkina - are skilful professionals, they may cure even critically ill patients. The "Book of reports" in the hospital is full of entries expressing thanks.

And the air - it's magnificent here! Those who have visited the neighborhood of Kharp named it "a little Switzerland".

In the nearest future a solarium and a phyto-bar will be opened in Kharp. Next will be the separate children's department. The medical personnel of the hospital are sure that the time has come to reorganize it into the regional rehabilitation centre.