Pipeline transport.

With the increasing exploitation of gas fields in Autonomous District the pipeline and, in particular, gas pipeline transport is rapidly developing. Now pipelines take an important place in the transport system of YaNAD. The gas mains connect Autonomous District with Moscow, with the Urals, with central and southern regions of Russia. The system includes pipelines "Northern Light", Urengoi - Cheliabinsk, Urengoi - Pomary - Uzhgorod - Western Europe. In the course of the largest project "Yamal - Europe" realization the importance of gas pipeline transport will be growing. According to this project, the pipeline network with total length 3000 km will connect the gas fields of Yamal with the customers in many European countries. The key element of this project - gas pipeline passage across the river Oder on the border of Poland and Germany - is already built. After the completion of new gas main by the year 2020 the supplies of Russian gas to Western Europe will increase twice, reaching 150 000 million cub.m. annually.