River navigation.

At present Ob-Irtysh River Steamship Line has over 100 cargo ships and 600 barges. In 1996 in Tiumen Region the Navigation-and-Shipbuilding Company was created on the basis of Ob-Irtysh River Steamship Line and Tiumen Shipbuilding Works. The administrative organs of Yamalo-Nenetsky and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Districts and of Tiumen Region hold 51% share of this company. The project implies the construction of 100 tankers in the course of 10 years. The company will take part in the processes of oil refining and conveying oil products to the distant regions of Autonomous District.

The main navigable rivers of YaNAD are Ob, Nadym, Pur and Taz. The largest ports are in Salekhard, Nadym and Urengoi. But the period of navigation is very short - 3-4 month a year, and in the northern regions of Autonomous District - only from the middle of July to the middle of September. One more specific feature of the river navigation is that it is carried out mainly in the meridian direction. The sea transport, as well as the river one, is functioning only from spring till autumn The Arctic Sea Route at present is used not very intensively.