Motor transport.

The motor transport infrastructure in Autonomous District is just at the initial stage of development, and the special attention is paid here to the building of motor roads. At present only 21 of 108 settlements on the territory of YaNAD are connected to the network of motor roads. The roads are to be built in seven district centres to establish transport communication between these and the administrative centre of Autonomous District. The network of basic federal roads is necessary for the further economic development of this region. The total length of federal roads to be built is about 1 500 km.

Till recent time motor roads were built here by the extracting enterprises especially for their own use. A considerable part of the total roads' length of 2400 km belongs to the industrial enterprises. The roads in general use are only 630 km long (12.5% of the total roads' length in Autonomous District), including 23.5 km of federal roads. Apart from these, 3 500 km of ice roads are used in the winter period.

The length of surfaced roads in YaNAD is only 0.1 km per 1000 of its territory, while the average index in Russia is 26 km/1000 The surfaced roads take 78.1% of the total roads' length in Autonomous District (average for Russia - 90%).

An important program "The roads of Yamal" was adopted in YaNAD. It is intended to become a part of the Presidential program "The roads of Russia". One of the main projects of this program - the construction of federal motor road connecting all the towns and large settlements of Autonomous District along the route Salekhard - Nadym - Novy Urengoi - Korochayevo - Pur-Pe - Noyabrsk and going to Tiumen through the territory of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District. Thus the regional roads network will be connected to the transport system of Russia. All the roads, newly constructed in YaNAD, will have the strategic importance, as they will connect many industrial enterprises, natural resources deposits and settlements of the Far North with the central regions of the country.

The development of motor transport in YaNAD will be rapidly going on in the future. There are projects for the construction of the great transport line Stockholm - Helsinki - St Petersburg - Arkhangelsk - Komi Republic - the Arctic Urals - Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District. Then it will go from Krasnoselkup settlement to Norilsk and Dudinka. The realization of this project opens fantastic prospects not only for YaNAD, as this "horizontal line" wonderfully blends with both strategic programs: "The roads of Yamal" and "The roads of Russia".