The first direct telephone communication of Autonomous District centre with Omsk was established in 1937. In the post-war period the electric, telephone and post systems of communications were radically modernized. In 1964 the local radio station, and in 1968 - the TV station of YaNAD started working.

The main communications enterprise in Autonomous District is "Yamalelektrosviaz". In the present time the enterprise implements the program of reconstruction and extending of TV-communications network, spreading it over all the settlements of YaNAD. In 1992 the contracts for telephone systems installation were concluded with "Italtel" company. The Italian specialists built telephone exchangers in Salekhard, Novy Urengoi and Gubkinsky; the similar work is going on in Noyabrsky. The project of satellite telephone communication between Salekhard and Moscow is being realized: the inhabitants of Autonomous District will be offered 60 channels, attached to the system of Moscow automatic telephone exchange. The regional centres and cities of Russia and the capitals of many foreign countries are connected up to this system.

The maintenance of radio-relay line Tiumen-Salekhard is going on. The mobile telephone system is working in Novy Urengoi. In Krasnoselkupsky district the satellite communication system is maintained - it will connect the inhabitants of taiga settlements to Tiumen inter-regional telephone exchange. The new telephone exchange started working in the district centre Yar-Sale. "Yamalelektrosviaz" company is planning to introduce in Autonomous District the systems of fiber-optics communication. In cooperation with the communication services of oil and gas extracting companies "Yamalelektrosviaz" is going to unify all the TV and radio systems of YaNAD in order to make them available for all local inhabitants, including reindeer breeders, hunters and fishermen.

Many problems, dealing with the introduction of new technologies, are solved by gas and oil companies in cooperation with the enterprises of war industry as a part of the conversion program. Thus, "Gaskom" company, specializing in the creation of space systems, works out and maintains the satellite communication system for gas industry workers. This system is already functioning in Kharasavei settlement.

In 1997 two satellites of the series named "Yamal" were launched. By the year 2000 this satellite system will provide all kinds of communication on the two thirds of Russian territory. Dozens of space and war industries' enterprises are working on the implementation of this cosmic project. It will help to employ about 15 000 qualified specialists.