The local programs of Autonomous District.

On the territory of Autonomous District the following local programs are carried out:
1. Programs "Safe motherhood" and "Family planning";
2. Program "Anti-AIDS";
3. Regional program of the ambulance service development;
4. Program "The struggle against alcoholism, drug and toxic materials addiction";
5. Regional complex scientific program "Health dynamics of the indigenous and new-come residents of YaNAD depending on the climate and geographic conditions of labour and environment";
6. Regional program "Vaccination prophylaxis";
7. Program "On epidemiological tuberculosis situation in Autonomous District and the measures on its improvement";
8. Program of the protection of YaNAD territory from bringing and distribution of the infectious diseases of people, animals and plants, as well as the toxic materials";
9. Program "On the further studies of radiological situation on the territory of YaNAD";
10. Program of the urgent reformation of educational system;
11. Regional program "The young people of Yamal";
12. Program of mass media development in YaNAD;
13. The employment program of YaNAD;
14. Regional program on struggle against fires and other natural disasters;
15. Regional program on the struggle against crime;
16. Program of supporting the traditional farming industries in YaNAD;
17. Program of the farmers' support;
18. Program of the reindeer pastures protection from fire and of the rescue operations;
19. Program of the passenger transport means development;
20. Program of the passenger conveyance by urban transport;
21. Program of the passenger conveyance by river transport;
22. Program of YaNAD waterways and navigation on the river Ob financing;
23. Regional complex program "The disabled children";
24. Regional complex program on sanitary and epidemiological control of the YaNAD population;
25. Program of exploitation and development of surfaced roads' network in Autonomous District.

Two local programs at present time are worked out:
1. Program of urgent measures for the struggle against teenager crime in YaNAD;
2. Program "Diabetes".