Federal programs.

Ten special-purpose programs are carried out on the territory of Autonomous District:

1. Federal program "Economic and social development of the indigenous small peoples of the North" (for the period up to 2000);
2. Federal fund of state financial support of products (consumer goods) supply to the Far North regions and other distant territories;
3. Federal program on providing the Chernobyl catastrophe consequences' liquidators with living accommodation;
4. Presidential program "House building for the citizens of RF, coming for resettlement from the Far North and other distant territories";
5. State program on providing with living accommodation the servicemen, persons that has left the Army service, and their families;
6. Federal program of the mineral resources of RF development;
7. State program of municipal enterprises' privatization;
8. Presidential program "The Children of Russia", programs "Family planning", "Children of the North", "Disabled children";
9. Presidential program "The development and protection of the culture and arts in Russian Federation";
10. Federal migrations program.

At present five more federal programs are worked out:
1. Federal program "Gas supply in Russia for 1996-2000";
2. Federal program "The revival, construction, reconstruction and restoration of the historical small towns of Russia";
3. Federal program "The use, reproduction and protection of water resources of the river Ob basin";
4. Federal program "Medical and social expert examination and rehabilitation of the disabled people";
5. Federal program "Social security for the old people".