The system of education in YaNAD.

The educational system of Autonomous District is reformed according to the law of Russian Federation "On education" and the Program of education development in Autonomous District up to 2000.

The personal orientation model and methods of developing teaching are introduced in the schools of Autonomous District.

The regional basic curriculum was worked out for the educational institutions of YaNAD, aimed at the individualization and differentiation of the teaching process taking into account the interests, abilities and aptitudes as well as the health conditions of pupils. Thus, at present 120 schools in towns and settlements of Autonomous District are working with the individual curriculums, formed on the basis of regional curriculum.

About 120 new subjects appeared in the educational establishments of YaNAD: rhetoric, ecology, law, civil history, economics, psychology, culture of personal contacts, principles of philosophy, principles of journalism and many other disciplines.

Over 30% of primary schools introduced into practice the system of developing education based on the methods of Davydov, Elkonin and Zankov. The educational institutions of new type - high schools, lyceums, complex schools, technical lyceums, colleges, psychological and medico-pedagogical centres - were created and started functioning. The new ideas of teaching, educational methods and systems of diagnostics are tested in these schools.

The scholarships of various types - encouraging, social, contracted, nominal - are established in order to ensure the social protection of young people, studying in the technical colleges and specialized schools, and of the students of higher education institutions.

Children's homes, rehabilitation groups, orphan-asylums are opened for the children, who need the state assistance. On September 1, 1996, there were 8 establishments of this type containing 315 children.

At present time 36 national schools are functioning in Autonomous District. In these schools the complex programs of national education for the peoples of the North are worked out - the languages of indigenous peoples are studied, the curriculums with the emphasis on national specific features are created. 14 subjects with national and regional components, such as the literature of the northern peoples, the history of Yamal, the culture of native people and some other, are introduced in these schools.

According to the Decree є 101 of March 13, 1996, "On the training of high qualified specialists for Autonomous District" the teachers' training is carried out in Tiumen, Ekaterinburg, Moscow and St Petersburg Pedagogical Universities, in Tobolsk and Ishim Pedagogical Institutes and in teachers' training colleges of YaNAD. The multi-level system of training is developed. Salekhard and Noyabrsk Teachers' Training Colleges coordinate their curriculums with those of the pedagogical institutions of higher education in other regions of Russia.

7498 teachers are working in the schools of Autonomous District. Their professional level enables them to solve the problems of educational system reorganization. Over 56% of teachers received the certificates of qualification categories. In the Teachers' Refresher Institute in Salekhard the first Nenets woman - scientist and writer Yelena Susoi is working.