On the territory of Autonomous District, in the basin of Ob and Ob inlet, about 70% of white fish school of Russia are growing. The costly kinds of fish - sturgeon, sterlet, white salmon and others - in due times were sent to the Emperors of Russia.

Fishing factories of Autonomous District are busy with the production of fish delicacies. The oldest enterprise of this industry "Salekhardsky fishing factory" produces about one million of conventional tins of fish a year. The problems of fishery are in many aspects alike these of reindeer breeding.

Recently the Department of Fishery was created at the administration of Autonomous District. The Head of this Department is Nikolai Yakovlevich Budyldin. The Department faces a number of difficult tasks. First of all it is going to rise the annual catch of fish. In their turn the new refrigerating capacities are to be built and the old reconstructed. Most of the refrigerator ships are old and the fishery fleet is to be renewed.

The new technological lines on a level with the world standards will be introduced in the fishing factories, and first of all - in Tazovsky factory. The equipment was acquired in Hamburg, Germany, and its assembling will be completed in the nearest future.

The east zone of Autonomous District - Tazovsky, Gydansky, Purovsky fishing factories - is well provided with fishing resources. In order to intensify the fishing process the new pontoons are acquired to take the catch from fishing ships.

There are plenty of fish in these waters. When working out plans for the development of fishing industry the Department specialists decided to transfer 300 tons of fish to Purovsky cannery. The latter has bought the Danish technological line and now is able to increase its production.

At the same time Salekhard fishing factory meets serious problems. The enterprise needs 48 000 million roubles for the construction of new section. Tazovsky has modern equipment but the quality of fish in Tazovsky zone cannot be compared with that in Salekhard zone. Sturgeons are very few in Tazovsky, while Salekhard plans for 1997 the catching of 50 tons of sturgeon and 150 tons of white salmon.

The introduction of a new line will greatly increase the profitable gained by Salekhard factory. Together with Tazovsky factory it will be able to compete in the domestic and foreign markets. The products of Yamal are ecologically pure and their assortment is being extended.