Capital construction.

The capital investments in this region constituted in 1996 6.17% of total investments in Russian economy. 71.7% investments in YaNAD were made in the industrial sector - this index is considerably larger than the average for Russia (37%). 88% of these investments were made in the construction of industrial objects, which is as well higher than the average Russian level. 96% investments in industry are directed in the fuel production, including 73% - in the gas industry.

One more index: the amount of investments per the head of population in Autonomous District exceeds the average Russian level in 18.3 times. The distribution of capital investments in 1996 was as follows:

In 1st quarter of 1997 in the construction of the objects of industrial and social sphere of YaNAD 3 259 700 million roubles were invested, of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District - 4 905 100 million roubles, of Tiumen Region - 537 800 million roubles. The distribution of capital investments in 1st quarter of 1997 is shown in the diagram.