Gas and condensed gas.

The oil and gas industry is the leading branch of Autonomous District economy. The amounts of prospected resources and the extraction of gas make this region the world's largest natural gas province. In 1996 535 200 million cub. m. of gas - over 90% of Russia's output - was produced here.

The branches of joint-stock company "Gasprom" - "Urengoigasprom", "Nadymgasprom", "Yamburggasdobycha", "Surgutgasprom" - are the main gas-extracting enterprises of Autonomous District, giving 99% of extracted gas and having under their control 85% of total amount of distributed fund resources.

The largest reserves of condensate in the distributed fund are also found in the gas fields of "Gasprom" enterprises.

As for the structure of gas resources, in the largest fields the reserves of Senoman complex are prevailing. These are characterized by high productivity, small depth of deposits and comparatively low cost of gas extraction. At present more than a half of this gas is extracted with the compressor method.

In the distributed fund there are 52 gas, gas condensate, oil-and-gas and oil-and-condensate fields. In 19 fields out of this number are being exploited (62% of distributed fund reserves), 12 are prepared for exploitation (35% of reserves) and 21 fields are still prospected (3% of reserves).

On the whole in the distributed fund 17.9% of gas reserves are worked out, in the Senoman deposits - 24.7%.

In the non-distributed fund on the territory of Autonomous District there are 74 gas, condensate, oil-and-gas and oil-and-condensate fields. The largest gas fields are Kruzensternsky, South-Tambeisky and North-Tambeisky, containing 30% of total gas reserves.

In the structure of non-distributed fund only 36% belong to Senoman deposits, while 64% are located in Cretaceous and Jurassic deposits, which are less productive and have greater (2-2.5 times as much) deposit depth.