Since 1993 the licensing of new and already developed deposits in Autonomous District according to the law of Russian Federation "On mineral resources" and "The Regulations of mineral resources use licensing" is carried out. The licenses are given to those companies who have won the competitions or auctions.

The raw materials basis of Autonomous District - as far as gas, condensate and oil are concerned - is formed by the hydrocarbon resources of distributed (the licenses to extraction are given) and non-distributed funds.

The prospects for the resources development.

The structure of non-distributed fund deposits implies the additional prospective operations to ensure their industrial development. Oil resources make about 40% of the overall amount of non-distributed fund reserves, while in the distributed fund this index reaches 73%. The average reserves of non-distributed fund deposits equal to 15 million tons. It is lower than that of the distributed fund - 52 million tons. 59 oil fields out of 66 have reserves less than 10 million tons.

The lack of capacious deposits predetermines the exploitation of a large number of small fields, which are less productive and, hence, less profitable.

According to the experts' forecasts, about 360 new deposits will be discovered on the territory of Autonomous District, including 50 gas fields with 100 000 million cub. m. capacity each and 30 oil fields having more than 30 million tons each. Among the forecasted deposits 85 gas fields are supposed to have the discharge over 500 000 cub.m./day and 80 oil fields - the discharge of 30 tons/day.

A substantial part of the discovered resources is concentrated in the basins of Nadym, Pur and Taz rivers. These are the regions with well-developed infrastructure, where gas, oil and condensate are being actively extracted at present. According to the oil geology data, this territory corresponds to the Nady-Pur-Taz oil-and-gas zones, lying in full within YaNAD borders.

The prospected reserves on this territory make 45.3% and the extracted amount - 34.4% of total initial resources. 24% of resources are attributed to the Senoman complex, 21% - to Apt, 16% - to Neokom, 14% - to Achim and 25% - to Jurassic and Pre-Jurassic oil-and-gas deposits.

Within the observed territories there are forecasted the discovery of about 2480 new deposits, including 130 large deposits.

It is supposed that in large deposits over 46% of non-prospected gas and 70% of oil resources of Nadym-Pur and Pur-Taz deposit groups are concentrated.