The budget of YaNAD for 1998.

The budget of Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District for 1998 was adopted by the State Duma in November 1997 and signed by the Governor of Autonomous District in December of the same year.

The consolidated budget of YaNAD was confirmed with expenditure - 10 339 035 thousand roubles (including the financial assistance to the municipal formations - 1 692 633 thousand roubles) and revenue - 9 708 187 thousand roubles, i.e. with 7% deficit.

The deficit will be covered by issuing of the State loan of YaNAD in accordance with Autonomous District law of July 18, 1997, "On the State loan of Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District".

The main sources of revenue return in the YaNAD budget for 1998 are as follows (thousand roubles):

The budget of Autonomous District for 1998 has the following structure of tax revenue (roubles):

In the course of 1998 the juridical persons will not be given any taxation credits on the programs, not mentioned in the Budget Law of Autonomous District. The deferments of tax payments and consent to tax payments in instalments (in the part paid to local budget) will be given in 1998 by means of individual agreements between the administration of YaNAD and every company or enterprise on the basis of federal and Autonomous District laws.

The geological and prospecting enterprises, working on the territory of Autonomous District and mentioned in the enclosure of the Budget Law, are exempted from tax payments (except the surplus value tax) to the local budget. Besides, the state farms, fishing factories and juridical persons irrespective of their property forms, acting in the traditional spheres of economy, are exempted from payments of profit tax, special duty for the benefit of educational facilities, regional road funds taxes in the part intended for the Autonomous District budget. The financial means, exempted from taxation, will be used for the development of local production.

The Autonomous District confirmed the following debit items (roubles):

Among the financing priorities of the YaNAD budget for 1998 there are:
- social protection of people;
- intensification of the struggle against alcoholism, drug and toxic materials addiction;
- intensification of the struggle against crime in YaNAD;
- prevention and liquidation of fires and other emergencies in YaNAD.

The list of protected debit items was made. These include wages with all extra sums, scholarships, public catering, medicines, compensation payments for children's needs, expenditures on the municipal economy objects' preparation for working in winter conditions.

It was decided that in 1998 State power organs of Autonomous District would take no decisions leading to the increase in expenditures or decrease of revenue.