The privatization.

According to the State Property Managing organs' statistics, the privatization plans were worked out for 2370 enterprises in Tiumen Region. In the course of a year, preceding the privatization, the total amount of goods produced and services rendered by these enterprises cost 2056.8 billion roubles (in current prices). The largest share in the production amount was that of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District - 74%. The total cost of enterprises' property equaled 1021 billion roubles, the number of employees at the moment of privatization - 1.2 million. Since the beginning of 1995 the pace of privatization process was slackened and it is not completed till now.

More than a half (55%) of enterprises, intended for privatization, are located in Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous Districts; 45% - in southern part of Tiumen Region.

59% of the above-mentioned enterprises were profitable with the total amount of profits - 159.3 billion roubles.

In 1994-96 the privatization in Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District brought 12 230 million roubles to the federal budget and 7840 million roubles - to the local budget. To the end of 1996 250 enterprises were privatized on the territory of Autonomous District, including 26 industrial enterprises, 1 agricultural, 77 building and 75 trading enterprises.

As for the former owners: 50.5% of the privatized enterprises in YaNAD were in federal possession, 48.4% were the municipal property and 1.1% - the property of the RF member. Most of these were privatized through the commercial competition - 41.7%, through shares' sale 39.6%, through the buying of rented property - 7.7%, through auction sales - 6.6%, through the sales of the closed enterprises' property -4.4%. At present 132 enterprises are in federal possession, 11 - in the possession of Autonomous District and 97 - in municipal possession.

The industrial enterprises take up 12.1% of those privatized, agricultural - 1.1%, motor transport - 4.4%, building - 30.8%, trading - 41.8%, public catering - 5.5%. The rest 4.4% of enterprises belong to other branches of economy.

In the industrial sphere of Autonomous District the largest companies like "Rosneft-Purneftegas" and "Noyabrskneftegas" underwent privatization.

Industrial association "Noyabrskneftegas" was formed on December 24, 1993, after the privatization of the state enterprise of the same name. At first the remaining government share belonged to the State Company "Rosneft" and then according to the Presidential Decree of August 28, 1995, it was given to the "Siberian Oil Company".

The company was privatized according to the first variant of privileges. Its stock (15 709 million roubles) was divided into 78 545 000 shares costing 200 roubles each. Among those there were 58 908 750 ordinary and 19 636 250 preference shares. At the shareholders' meeting on May 20, 1997, the stock was increased up to 30 831 million roubles following the re-evaluation of the fixed funds.

The privatization of joint-stock company "Rosneft-Purneftegas" was also carried out according to the first variant of privileges. Its stock (4 454 641 thousand roubles) was divided into 3 340 981 ordinary and 1 113 660 preference shares with nominal cost of 1000 roubles each. As a result of cheque auction (April 19, 1995) the shares were divided with the coefficient 25 and in August 1997 their nominal cost was 40 roubles each.