The investments' attraction to the region.

The administration of Autonomous District is interested in the attraction of domestic and foreign investments in the regional economy. In order to promote the investments the legal basis is being elaborated and the prospecting for new deposits of mineral resources goes on.

The working out of the draft law "About the agreements on production dividing" is coming to an end. The laws, regulating the investment activities, and the law on competitions for the mineral resources' use are already worked out. The acceptance of these laws will stimulate the investments' influx to the region. The laws presuppose the substantial privileges in taxation for those investors, whose projects' realization will create new jobs in Autonomous District and stimulate the development of transport and social infrastructures. The qualified specialists of the international level are drawn into this work.

As for the direction of investments, the First Deputy Governor of YaNAD I.L. Levinson named among the most attractive spheres the oil and gas extraction and refining, oil and gas pipelines construction. The investments in the development of roads' network and power supply systems in the distant regions will be repaid in a short time. The same may be said about the investments in the communication systems development.

The objects of investments are numerous, but the efficiency of investment policy depends on the development of the main branch of economy, i.e. the mineral resources extraction. Taking into account the fact, that the abundance of raw materials makes the Autonomous District one of the richest members of Russian Federation, the efficiency of investments in its economy will be higher than that of the other regions. At the evaluation of the investments in oil and gas industry the priority will be given to the projects, which guarantee the creation of good living conditions for the local inhabitants and don't affect the environment.

The administration of Autonomous District pays special attention to the projects of refining enterprises construction and the development of the following 20 deposits.

The contacts with foreign business partners are gradually extending. The governments and businessmen of the United States, Canada, Japan, Great Britain and other countries are interested in the cooperation with this region. Many joint ventures are already working in Autonomous District. Among those there are: "Geoiledt" (Russia-Sweden), "Trust Ltd." (Russia-Netherlands), Russian-Netherlands Investments Company, "Rikom" "Russia-Italy) etc. The well-known companies, such as "British Petroleum", "Shell", "Amoco Petroleum Co." are cooperating with oil and gas extracting enterprises of Autonomous District. Thus, "Nadymgasprom" joint-stock company together with "Amoco" started the development of Bovanenkovsky condensed gas field and Novo-Portovsky oil field in the Yamal peninsula. A number of other Autonomous District enterprises - "Noyabrskneftegas", "Rosneft-Purneftegas", "Purneftegageologia", "Yamalneftegasgeologia", "Yamburggasdobycha", "Zapoliarneftegasgeologia" etc. - are also working in cooperation with foreign and Russian investors.

Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District ought to be made the territory of the foremost State support and favourable investment climate formation. At the same time the State support must be differentiated depending on the type of the districts, constituting YaNAD. The authors of the article "Internal Regional differentiation of the investments climate: rating evaluation" - S.S. Guzner, V.I. Kharitonova and I.A. Vizhina - proposed the typology for the territorial subdivisions of YaNAD distribution according to their investments attracting ability.