Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District is one of Russia's main raw materials extracting regions. In 1996 the oil and gas extracting industries took 95.6% of the total output of Autonomous District production, including:

In 1996 YaNAD gave 2% of total industrial output of Russia. The amount of industrial production in Autonomous District by January 1997 reached 24 877 900 million roubles. In the first quarter of 1997 the overall production of Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District and Tiumen Region cost 31 000 thousand million roubles. (diagramma)

5175 enterprises are working in Autonomous District, including 362 industrial, 77 agricultural, 1166 building and 1045 trading enterprises. (diagramma)

The extraction of oil and gas condensate in Autonomous District in January-March 1997 in comparison with the corresponding period of 1996 decreased by 2% and came to 8.2 million tons, gas extraction decreased by 1.8% and made 145 800 million cubic metres. (diagramma)

The output of ferroconcrete, crushed stone, bricks, wallboards, bread and milk products decreased as well.

At the same period there was a rise in saw-timber, diesel fuel and fish products output.

3 259 700 million roubles were directed to the industrial and social spheres objects construction.