Salekhard river port.

Director General of the joint-stock company "Salekhard river port" -
Oleg Zapolskikh.

Address: Russia, 626607, Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District, Salekhard, Lenina St.7.
Phone: (34591) 49-345;
fax (34591) 49-547.

Salekhard river port is the oldest port in the north of Western Siberia. Its origin is dated back to the foundation of Obdorsk fort. Merchants were coming here by the river-ways to trade for furs and rare sorts of fish.

The mooring lines of port are extending along the right bank of Polui river in Salekhard and left bank of Ob river in Labytnangi. The port is equipped with various types of cranes and other machinery. The railway lines in Labytnangi are coming to the port< thus making the loads trans-shipment process faster.

The joint-stock company "Salekhard river port" has a fleet of its own, which carries foodstuffs, coal, building materials, fuel etc. on the local lines. Up to 130 000 tons of loads is conveyed during a navigation. The port also provides several ferry-boat lines.