Salekhardsky Fishing Factory.

Director general -
Subarev Mikhail Alexandrovich

Russia, 626608, Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District, Salekhard, Mayakovsky St. 40.
Phone: (34591) 42-199,
Fax: (34591) 43-896.

Salekhardsky Fishing factory is the oldest industrial enterprise of Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District. It was created in the time of the first Soviet five-year plans fulfillment. In 1996 the factory celebrated its 65th anniversary.

Salekhardsky fishing factory has the following sections:

The factory has refrigerators with daily productivity of 90 tons and a refrigerating storehouse for 4000 tons of production.

The factory specializes in the production and supplying of river fish, as well as caviar and stewed dear meat.

A part of its production Salekhard fishing factory supplies to the foreign customers. The factory is looking for partners to maintain mutually advantageous cooperation.

On the orders of customers the company charters ships of other companies for the loads delivery of tourist excursions.