Khorolya Dmitriy Ottovich.

Director of reindeer breeding State farm "Yarsalinsky".

Born in 1958 in Panayevsk settlement, Yamalsky district of YaNAD, in the family of reindeer breeders. In 1981 graduated from Tiumen Agricultural Institute, received the diploma of veterinary engineer and returned to his native region. Worked as a livestock specialist in the State farm; later - in Komsomol and Communist Party work. Since September 1988 - the Secretary of "Yarsalinsky" State farm Party Committee.

In 1989 was elected the director of "Yarsalinsky" State farm.

In 1995 in the Congress of Reindeer Breeders of Russia he was elected the Chairman of the Republican Reindeer Breeders Union.

Married; has a son and a daughter.