State farm "Yarsalinsky".

Director of reindeer breeding State farm "Yarsalinsky" -
Khorolya Dmitriy Ottovich

"Yarsalinsky" is the largest in Russia reindeer breeding State farm. Its area covers 70% of the Yamal peninsula territory. In the Congress of Reindeer Breeders of Russia this State farm was chosen as a basic enterprise for experimenting in the sphere of reindeer breeding and other traditional trades of the indigenous peoples of the Far North. A number of oil and gas fields are located within the area of State farm activity, such as Bovanenkovsky gas and Novoportovsky oil fields, being exploited by "Gasprom" company and a group of foreign investors. The State farm is acknowledged as an equal partner in the developing of Yamal resources.

The basic principle of cooperation - the development in both directions: the exploitation of natural resources and the preservation of culture, traditions and mode of life of the indigenous peoples.