Cooperative Society "Nadezhda".

The well-known Nenets writer Anna Nerkagi replaced her pen with a calculator and organized in tundra the cooperative society "Nadezhda". It is located in Baidaratzky tundra, in Pri-Uralsky district of YaNAD. In fact it is a union of farmers, headed by Nerkagi. The society produces antlers, fish, furs and meat. The trading posts for tundra inhabitants, containing all necessary commodities, are opened.

On the opinion of Anna Nerkagi, the Department of Agriculture should be reorganized. Instead of guiding and distributing organ it should be made a commercial structure, heading the cooperative enterprises of various forms of property possession: sate farms, private farming societies, banks-investors, the network of trading posts. The finances for this structure may be given by its members, which at the same time will strengthen their positions.

The cooperative society is planning to buy deep-freezers and a smoking-shed. The ready-made products are more costly and longer preserved, so the changeable weather conditions will not affect the products' realization. The number of workmen in the society is gradually increasing - now they are 30.

And the Head of society in her spare time takes a pen and going on with her new novel, which soon will be published in Ekaterinburg.