State farm "Baidaratzky".

Director State farm "Baidaratzky" -
Babin Nikolai Andreyevich

State farm "Baidaratzky" is located in Pri-Uralsky district of YaNAD. It is a subsidiary enterprise of "Nadymgasprom" company. Reindeer breeding, fishing and fur farming are practiced here. About 4000 furs annually are produced in "Baidaratzky". In the local fur workshop the fur coats, fur hats, sleeping bags etc. - 35 items on the whole - are made.

In Beloyarsky - the central settlement of the State farm - the sausage-producing shop with modern equipment is working.

There are also a power station and a bake-house in Beloyarsky. The Finnish deep-freezer and American machinery for a fishing factory are acquired. Soon the smoked fish products will be made here. The equipment for pharmaceutical plant was supplied from Biysk. The medicine concentrates from antlers, berries and of "golden root" will be produced in the settlement.

The souvenirs made in the local workshop by the craftsmen, the graduates of Salekhard School of Arts, are of great demand among the workmen in the oil and gas fields.