The State enterprise "Obdorsky kombinat".

Director General -
Filimonov Juri Alexeyevich

626608, Russia, Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District,Salekhard,
Igarskaya St.8
phone (34591) 443-77.

"Obdorsky kombinat" is and industrial complex, built by Finnish and Latvian companies. All production processes here are automated.

This is a diversified enterprise. Its principal task was to extend the milk production assortment: milk, soured cream, curds, ice cream etc. But at present time the complex also produces beer, juices and syrups. A number of new items are planned for production, for example, the paste from curds and mushrooms.

The present output of the complex is 5 tons of milk products per day. The dried milk and other materials is supplied from Ishim and Tiumen.

After the introduction of sterilizing into the production process the period of products realization will increase up to 30 days and they will be supplied to all parts of Autonomous District. The complex will give 27 tons of products per day.