Joint Stock Company "Yamalneftegaszhelezobeton".

The Head of the Company -
Goncharov Anatoliy Lvovich

Address: Russia, 626510, Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District, Labytnangi, Kharp settlement, Gagarina St. 6.
Pnone: (34591) 47-218, (34598) 72-903;
Fax: (34598) 73-739.

Joint-stock company "Yamalneftegaszhelezobeton" is one of the largest enterprises in the building industry of Western Siberia. It satisfies the requirements of oil and gas complex building subdivisions in the non-metallic and ferroconcrete materials.

"Yamalneftegaszhelezobeton" has substantial production capacities. Its Crushing and Sorting Works has the annual capacity of 800 000 cub.m. of various types of building constructions - road slabs, ceilings, piles etc. The enterprise is extending the assortment production and looking for the new variants of development:

The company's plans include the re-equipment of timber and stone-processing shops, producing joiner's articles and decorative tiles together with stone souvenirs respectively.

"Yamalneftegaszhelezobeton" has a developed infrastructure and its own power enterprise, which includes a water-supply system, aboiler-house, a diesel station and sewage disposal facilities. The investments in the enterprise are able to give high reimbursement ion very near future.