Joint Stock Company "Yamalgeofizika".

Director General -
Grigoriy Bystritzky

626520, Russia, Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District, Labytnangi, Bovanenko St. 31a.
Phone: (34592) 580-07;
Fax: (34592) 576-60.

"Yamalgeofizika" is a company with 100% private capital, formed as a result of the privatization of State geological enterprise "Yamalgeofizika", which has got a large experience in discovering and prospecting of oil and gas on the territory of YaNAD since 1968. At present joint-stock company "Yamalgeofizika" is the biggest among the specialized enterprises of Russia. It carries out large-scale geological and geophysical investigations in the north of Tiumen Region. In 1996 the turnover of "Yamalgeofizika", converting to US$, was 60 million and the profits - 15 million. The company has three modern data-processing centres and 17 surface seismic groups.

The company's structure includes 5 branches: Yamsoveisky (in Staryi Urengoi settlement), Purovsky (in Tarko-Sale settlement), Tazovsky, Zapoliarny (in Kamennyi Mys settlement) and Yamalsky (in Labytnangi).

The branch enterprise of "Yamalgeofizika" - "Arcticneftegas" company is prospecting for oil in Paraguay (South America).

In the recent years "Yamalgeofizika" improved its scientific and technical potential, re-equipped its field subdivisions with up-to-date apparatus for the three-dimensional survey of deposits.

The data-processing centre of "Yamalgeofizika" is equipped with capacious computers and other technique, enabling the company specialists to process and interpret the materials of field seismic surveys on the level with the world standards.

"Yamalgeofizika" receives the orders for works from "Gasprom", "Noyabrskneftegas", "Rosneft-Purneftegas", "Purneftegasgeologia" and other large industrial enterprises including a number of joint ventures.

The territory of "Yamalgeofizika" operations in Russia is about 1100 000 sq. km.

On this territory the company has discovered 146 deposits of gas, condensate and oil with total amount of geological resources exceeding 20 trillion cub.m. of gas and 4 000 million tons of oil.

The number of company's employees is about 2000, including 600 with higher of specialized education.

Most of company's specialists have a 15-20 length of service, many of them underwent special training in the United States, Great Britain, France and Poland on the new vibration methods or on the processing and interpreting of geological and geophysical materials.

Together with the regional seismic studies of the deep sedimentary rocks, tectonic and geological investigations of oil and gas fields, "Yamalgeofizika" carries out large-scale seismic prospecting works and detailed examinations. Owing to the use of the original computer algorithmic programs the precise evaluations of heterogeneous geologic sections parameters in the conditions of thick permafrost layers are successfully made.

The research and production capacities of "Yamalgeofizika" joint-stock company correspond to the present demands and ensure the future development of seismic works in Western Siberia.