Joint Stock Company "The Arctic Urals' Mining and Geological Enterprise".

Director General -
Kalenkovich Nikolai Stepanovich

Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District, being the main gas-extracting region of Russia, may be as well referred to as one of the prospective mining regions for such mineral resources as iron ore, chromite, phosphorite, barytes. All these resources are located in the Arctic Urals. In the course of the last 50 years "The Arctic Urals' Prospecting Expedition" have been working here.

The Expedition discovered and examined a great number of metal and non-metal raw materials deposits: magnetite ore, tantalum, niobium, chromite, copper-molybdenum, bauxite, copper-zinc fields.

In spring 1996 the Centralny chromite field in Rai-Iz massif was offered for the competition. The Arctic Urals' Mining and Geological Enterprise won the competition and received a licence for 25-year exploitation of this field.

At present YaNAD as a mining region is hardly known to the majority of businessmen.

After the licence receiving the Enterprise accelerated the process of this field studying and development. It contracted with "Gipronikel" Institute for the planning of prospective and exploiting mine construction in Centralny field. The project is made for a large mining complex with a number of subdivisions: quarries, mines, a settlement for the workmen etc. The industrial complex for chromite ore mining is to be created by the year 2000. Ore will be taken from three deposits and concentrated. The industrial mining process was started by "The Arctic Urals' Prospecting Expedition". The first melts were made in Serovsky metallurgical works and showed good results.

On the whole, the prospected resources of chromite ore in the zone of The Arctic Urals' Mining and Geological Enterprise are comparable, and in some aspects even surpass the resources of Kimmersaisky field in Kazakhstan.

The other mining and geological works are also of much importance to the Enterprise. In 1995 it won the competition and received licence for the development of two gold mines near the road Obskaya-Bovanenkovo. The installation for gold-containing concentrate production was built in Novigodny. Gold will be extracted from concentrate in two special plants. Apart from the traditional method of metal extraction the new technology of leaching is being worked out in Novogodny.

In April 1997 the Director General of the joint-stock company "The Arctic Urals' Mining and Geological Enterprise" N .Kalenkovich signed in Moscow the contract with the representative of "Gasprom" company on the development of Voishorsky barytes deposits. The contract underwent experts' examination and its investments program was considered well founded. The experts think the expenditures on the development of these deposits to repay in the course of the nearest two-three years. The ore from Voishor will be used for the production of microbarium for chemical plants and the barytes weighting compounds for the drilling operations. The minefield is located near the railroad. The concentrate will be produced in the works of "Yamalneftegaszhelezobeton" company; its industrial capacities are suitable for this kind of production.

In 1995-96 the geologists parties of the Enterprise were prospecting for chromite in the Syum-Keu massif and carried on the prospecting works in Rai-Iz for chromite, platinum and rubies; to the south of this massif the platinum placers were prospected for. A large group of copper deposits was found in Vokaro-Sysninsky massif, near the river Sob. The prospecting works for precious metals and manganese ores are also carried out along Obskaya-Bovanenkovo road. The copper and iron-stone deposits in Novogodny were examined in detail.