Stavsky Milhail Yefimovich.

The Chief Manager of oil-extracting division "Muravlenkovskneft".

Born in 1961 in Ufa. In 1980 graduated from Ufa Technical College, specializing in the discipline "Relay protection of automated systems". After finishing Ufa Oil Industry Institute in 1985 worked in "Sutorminskneft" oil-extracting division; started his career as an operator; later headed the operating shop.

In 1991 became the Head of Central Engineering and Technical Service of "Muravlenkovskneft" division. In1997 was elected the member of the Board of Directors of "Noyabrskneftegas" joint-stock company.

In 1995 was elected the deputy of Autonomous District Duma; the deputy of Noyabrsk Town Soviet.

Married; has a son and a daughter.