Oil and gas extracting division "Muravlenkovskneft".

The Chief Manager of the division -
Mikhail Stavsky

The oil and gas extracting division "Muravlenkovskneft" exploits Muravlenkovsky, North-Pamalyachsky and Umseisky fields. At present time the preparations for the development of two more fields are going on. 3000 employees work in "Muravlenkovskneft" division.

By the time of this division formation the output of its 20 oil wells was about 1500 tons/day. Ten years later the number of oil wells increased 60 times and the total amount of extracted oil reached 62 million tons. Besides 3 000 million cub.m of gas were produced.

"Muravlenkovskneft" takes care of the indigenous population - Khanty and Nenets peoples - living on the territory of its activities. Thus, it has acquired the camp on the bank of Piaku-Pur river and reconstructed it into the Nenets trading post with a shop, an ambulatory clinic and a hotel. Every year at this trading post "Muravlenkovskneft" holds a festival "The Day of a Reindeer Breeder", inviting the representatives of Nenets and Khanty communities living on this territory.

"Muravlenkovskneft" specialists are known for their innovative methods - they were the first to use the new-type equipment in the process of oil extraction and the first who introduced the method of hydraulic ripping of stratum.

The present-day division "Muravlenkovskneft" is a powerful enterprise, which takes and active part in the life and development of Muravlenko town, of Noyabrsky region and of Western Siberia as a whole.