"Tiumenburgas" Drilling Enterprise.

Director General:
Vyakhirev Viktor Ivanovich

Russia, 626718, Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District, Novy Urengoi, Promyshlennaya St. 11.
Phone: (34599) 32-363;
Fax: (34599) 31-907.

"Tiumenburgas" drilling enterprise is a branch of "Gasprom" corporation. Its history started on August 29, 1979, when the All-Union Industrial Association "Tiumengasprom" created the subdivision specializing at the drilling operations.

"Tiumenburgas" is a modern, well-equipped, efficiently working enterprise with 5500 employees. At present it is working in seven fields, located at large distances from settlements within the range of 300 km from Novy Urengoi. The future of this enterprise is connected with Yamal deposits development, the drilling works in South-Russky field and in the new region near the boundary of Western Siberia and the Urals.

In the process of wells drilling all the structural subdivisions of "Tiumenburgas" take part, including the engineering and technological services, 17 drilling teams, 8 mastering teams and also:

"Tiumenburgas" enterprise systematically works on the environment protection. The special service was formed for the purpose of control over the ecological standards and environment protection laws observation in the course of oil and gas fields development in the Far North. The well-thought-out structure of the enterprise, every subdivision of which has the functions and tasks of its own, ensures the efficiency of "Tiumenburgas" functioning.

"Tiumenburgas" is increasing the amount of works, thus contributing to the fulfillment of YaNAD resources development program.