"Purneftegasgeologia" Joint Stock Company.

Director General:
Ostryagin Anatoliy Ivanovich.

Russia, 626720, Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District, Purovsky district, Tarko-Sale settlement, Gubkina St. 2a.
Phone: (37597) 21-949;
Fax: (37597) 22-172, 21-647.

The join-stock company "Purneftegasgeologia" was formed in 1981 for the purpose of prospecting of oil and gas fields in Purovsky district.

Now "Purneftegasgeologia" is working on the territory of 120 thousand sq.km. In the course of past years 56 new deposits were discovered and 320 deposits prospected, including 148 oil fields.

In 1990 the enterprises started the reorganization of its structures in order to create a complex company, covering all aspects of production - from the prospecting works to the sales of oil and oil products. In 1991 "Rosneft-Purneftegas" company and the US company "Benton" created the joint venture "Geoilbent" for the exploitation of two oil fields.

"Purneftegasgeologia" acquired licences for the development of 7 oil and gas fields; four deposits out of this number are already being exploited. The company also acquired licences for the development of the adjoining territories with good extraction prospects.

The skill and high qualification of company's workmen, the knowing of the Far North conditions and resources of this region - all these make this company competitive in the oil industry. The special attention is paid to the environment protection; the company is ready to cooperate with the firms, proposing ecologically pure and efficient technologies of oil and gas extraction and refining.