"Yamburggasdobycha" Industrial Association.

Director General:
Ananenkov Alexander Georgiyevich

Russia, 626718, Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District, Novy Urengoi, Tayezhnaya St. 1.
Phone: (095) 971-58-44, (34599) 33-028;
Fax: (34599) 31-546.

Yamburgsky gas condensate field was discovered in 1969. In 1981 the gas-workmen of "Nadymgasprom" company started the exploitation of this deposit. On October 1, 1984, by order of the Minister of Gas Industry of the USSR the industrial association "Yamburggasdobycha" was formed. This enterprise carries out the development of Yamburgsky condensate field and Tazovsky oil field. In March 1994 the pioneering group of builders started the preparations for the development of Zapoliarny gas field, which was discovered in 1965.

The innovatory method was used in the process of this gas field development: the installations were assembled on the pontoon blocks in Tiumen and in summer period were towed by the river ways; then in winter the installations were conveyed by ice-roads to the places of their operation. This method on such a large scale was used for the first time in the world practice; it promoted the considerable reduction of the time of construction.

The exploitation of Yamburgsky gas field started in 1986. In the present time 7 gas-extracting and one gas-and-condensate extracting installations are working in this field.

The production output of the industrial association exceeds 500 million cub.m/day of gas and 1800 tons/day of condensate.

All kinds of transport communications are available in this gas-extracting works: aircraft, river, motor and railway transport. The association structure includes 13 subdivisions. The number of employees - 8070. The workmen are basing on the cities of Moscow, Tiumen, Ufa, Novy Urengoi and Nadym. On the average every expedition of workers spends in the North 4.8 month in a year. This expedition method enables the enterprise to reduce the expenditures on the gas extraction. The gas from Yamburgsky field is the cheapest in Western Siberia.

Yamburg settlement has over 5500 inhabitants Here one can find a large culture-and-sports complex containing public library, disco-hall, gambling-machines' room, winter garden, cafe, cinema for 560 spectators, swimming pool and gymnasium. "Yamburggasdobycha" has its own TV and radio centre and a newspaper, providing the settlement inhabitants with the latest news. Taking into account the extreme living conditions of the Far North, "Yamburggasdobycha" has at its disposal the hospital with modern equipment for 500 bed patients, outpatients' department, chemist's shop and reconditioning centre.

"Yamburggasdobycha" has a hunting ground of its own in Krasnoselkupsky district. The territory of 125 square km with its unique northern nature is used only for hunting and fishing. The enthusiasts of exotic tourism also have good opportunities here. The products of local craftsmen, made of semi-precious stones, wood and reindeer hides, are supplied to the customers.