"Urengoigasprom" Industrial Association.

Director General:
Suleimanov Rim Sultanovich

Russia, 626718, Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District, Novy Urengoi, Naberezhnaya St. 26.
Phone: (34599) 31-646, (095) 971-59-61;
Fax: (34599) 21-726.

The industrial association "Urengoigasprom" was formed in 1977 for the purpose of development of the unique gas-oil-and-condensate field. The territory of this field stretches from south to north for 230 km and its width varies from 30 to 60 km. The larger part of this field lies beyond the Arctic Circle.

The first steps of the association were not easy. The realization of "Urengoigasprom" plans required great material and financial expenditures. The harsh Arctic climate made the development of this deposit extremely difficult. Permafrost, cold, marshy territories and easily injured environment complicated the creation of modern highly efficient industrial complex. Many things were to be done for the first time in the world practice: driving and exploiting the wells in the permafrost, building the installations when the air temperature was 50(C below zero.

"Urengoigasprom" enters the structure of "Gasprom" corporation. Its annual output is 260 thousand million cub.m. of gas, 5 340 thousand tons of condensate and 825 thousand tons of oil.

The principal directions of "Urengoigasprom" activities are as follows:

The extraction of gas and condensate is carried out from the Senoman deposits (containing 99% of methane and having no admixtures) and Valanzhinsky gas-condensate deposits. The drilling is carried out by group drilling method (2-7 bore-holes in a group). This method diminishes the injuries made to the soils of Arctic tundra, the natural regeneration of which takes dozens of years.

The "Urengoigasprom" policy is aimed at the introduction of progressive technologies of gas extracting and refining in order to increase the percentage of raw materials extraction, to observe the environment protection standards and to ensure the health protection and safety of workmen as well as of local population.

The association includes 25 structural subdivisions with the total number of employees exceeding 15 000. The highly professional engineering personnel is able to create and successfully operate the complicated industrial and life-support systems, ensuring the steady working process of the objects, located in the northern regions of Western Siberia.

Now the preparations are made for the development of northern deposits, adjoining Urengoisky field. The development of North-Urengoisky, Yen-Yakhinsky, Pestzovy as well as Achimovsky deposits with exceedingly high bed compression will enable "Urengoigasprom" and its subdivisions to continue the complex development of this region.

"Urengoigasplom" maintains business contacts with many companies from the United States, Japan, Great Britain, Austria, Finland, Hungary and Slovakia.