"Nadymgasprom" Joint Stock Company.

The Director General:
Chugunov Leonid Semyonovich

Russia, 626711, Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District, Nadym, Zvereva St.
Phone: (34595) 400-60;
Fax: (34595) 42-512;
Teletype: 235748 "Жемчуг".

In December 1996 "Nadymgasprom" celebrated its 25th anniversary. In the course of these years the economic basis of gas industry has been created in the harsh living conditions of the Far North. Now "Nadymgasprom" takes the third place on the output of gas production among the branches of "Gasprom". But for the gas-industry workmen of YaNAD "Nadymgasprom" always was and still remains the first, as it was this enterprise which started the development of Western Siberia gas resources and laid the foundation for the future super-complex. "Urengoigasprom" and "Yamburggasdobycha" companies are much indebted to "Nadymgasprom", as the specialists from Nadym founded the basis for the development of Yamburg.

At present "Nadymgasprom" produces 175 million cub.m. of gas per day, or 64 000 million cub.m. annually. Since the beginning of 1990s the company turned to the limited exploitation regime in the Medvezhye gas field. The decrease of gas bed compression made the company to build compressor stations and to exploit smaller deposits - satellites. Thus, two extracting installations were put into operation in the Jubileiny field, 60 km from Medvezhye.

"Nadymgasprom" today is a versatile, self-sufficient enterprise. It has over 20 functionally independent subdivisions, united by the automated management system. Among its subdivisions there are two construction trusts, repair mechanical shop, gas-extracting enterprise, building materials factory, subsidiary farms, fur-factory and "Nadymgasservice" firm, engaged in the organization of workers' recreation and health improvement.

The future of "Nadymgasprom" is tied up with the development of Yamal deposits. This company has got licences for the exploitation of two large gas fields - Bovanenkovsky and Kharasaveisky - and one oil field - Novoportovsky, located on the territory of this peninsula.

"Nadymgasprom" has a special department, working for the coordination of the relations with indigenous peoples. This service helped to solve a number of problems to the mutual consent of company and the natives.

The ecological service of "Nadymgasprom" has worked out the program of measures, including the waste products' burying and the exploited territories' re-cultivation. Many ideas and methods appeared as a result of cooperation with the US company "Amoco", which has much experience in the development of northern deposits in Alaska. The specialists of "Amoco" are studying the prospects for the joint development of Novoportovsky oil field - its reserves are estimated at 4 000 million barrels. The engineering research is carried out in Bovanenkovsky deposit.

The company is sure to have good prospects for further development. In the end of 1996 Yamsoveisky deposit was put into operation, the re-equipment of Medvezhye field is going on, a number of measures are taken to develop the Yamal deposits. "Nadymgasprom" was and still remains the pioneer in the Autonomous District resources development. In 1996 the company received 81 000 million roubles of profits and improved its financial indices comparing with the previous year.