"Gasprom" Joint Stock Company.

In the course of last decades YaNAD holds the first place in the world on the natural gas resources. Ii is the basic region of the joint-stock company "Gasprom" activities. This company gives 90% of total gas production output in Russia and provides a substantial part of country's export revenue.

"Gasprom" joint-stock company was created in accordance with Presidential decree of November 5, 1992, on the basis of the State gas concern "Gasprom". Now it is a versatile industrial complex, integrating the prospective, boring, extracting, refining, conveying and supplying enterprises into the unified technological, organizational and financial structure.

The present policy of "Gasprom" in determining the prospects for gas industry development in the North of RF is based on the special attention to the environmental problems and to the social and economic interests of indigenous population. The relations between "Gasprom" and the administrative organs of Autonomous District are regulated by the treaties and agreements, which always consider the interests of the native people.

In February 1995 the administration of YaNAD and "Gasprom" signed the treaty, according to which the sides are aiming at the creation of industrial and social infrastructure in the interests of the "Gasprom" enterprises as well as in the interests of local population, considering the specific features of indigenous peoples' mode of life. In 1995-97 the construction of a number of objects on the territory of Autonomous District, and first of all - the branch-pipeline Long-Jugan-Salekhard-Labytnangi-Kharp.

In the present time "Gasprom" is known as one of the leading gas companies in the world. Its share in the gas extraction output of Russia is 94% and in the world output - 22%. The prospected reserves exceed 48.1 trillion cub.m., the amount of non-confirmed reserves - from 212 to 236 trillion cub.m. The annual output is 564 700 million cub.m. 66% of extracted gas are supplied to the Russian customers, 21% - to the countries of Western and Central Europe, 13% - to the Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic countries. The United Gas-Supply System, working on the territory of Russia, includes 116 gas and gas condensate fields. The gas mains' total length is 150 thousand km. The gas conveyance system is provided with 236 compression stations and over 4000 gas-pumping aggregates.

The main prospective projects are aimed at the development of new large deposits in the north of Yamal, at the building of new pipelines from Yamal to the central regions of Russia and to the countries of Western Europe.

"Gasprom" started the realization of large-scale projects on the gas supplies for export. The largest project - "Yamal-Europe" gas main. This project has no analogues in the world as far as its cost and importance are concerned and deserves the name of "the project of the century".

In order to convey the Russian gas to the customers in Western Europe over 12 000 km of large-diameter pipes will be laid. The new main will convey over 60 000 million cub.m. of gas annually.

The world's experience showed that such capital-consuming projects usually play the part of "starters", bringing the economy out of depression. The demand for steel pipes, turbines, rolled metal and building machinery increases the rate of employment, incomes and the work-loading of industrial enterprises. The market is warmed up with the growth of the "locomotive" branch of economy. It is the investments' acceleration the Russian economy needs in the present time.